Friday, September 27, 2013

Bird feeders

The boys made some bird feeders with their pine-cones from their nature walk. What a fun activity. 

First step Peanut butter: 
(Drezden had to test it to make sure it was good)

Then roll in birdseeds:

Take outside and hang from tree:

We went out the next day to check on them and they were all gone, as in totally gone, something had chewed through the strings and drug them away, we are thinking squirrels.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Family Photo's

This was a total "quick we need a photo for the newsletter with all of us in it" moment. But these turned out way better then I had hoped, so had to share. Ignore the miss matched outfits, real family photos are happening in November. :)

I love my little family!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Zander's 4 year photoshoot

What is a birthday without having a yearly photo session. Here are Zander's 4 year old photos. He is growing too fast, but I must say these turned out ADORABLE. I am one happy mama.

He's pretty cute dont you think?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Zander is Four!!!

I cant believe my sweet little miracle baby is 4!!! The years have gone by so fast.
Zander has grown into a loving, sweet, smart, funny, crazy little boy. He is an amazing big brother and loves each and every one of his little brothers so much. I couldnt ask for a better helper, at the rate he is going he will be doing loads of laundry and dishes by the age of 5. He will probably be set to bake cookies and make spaghetti by age 6! I dont think there is a task around the house that he doesnt automatically step in to help with if he sees me doing it. He is a little problem solver and oh so logical too, reminds me a bit to much of his dad at times.

Zander Loves( in no particular order):
Tackling his brothers and daddy
Cars, from small matchbox cars to his big dumptruck he pushes around outside
Planes, who doesnt love planes
Snuggles, especially in the middle of the night
Outdoors: Rain or shine, hot or cold
Dogs: He love playing out back with the doggies
Animals: Any and all, he loves them
School: He love learning and talking about new things
Painting: even if it just means mixing all the colors in a swirl on paper
Singing: Real songs, made up songs, random sounds
Books: He would listen to me read him books all night if I never put a limit on it.
Trains: especially when setting up the train track throughout the whole house
Jumping; off of everything!
Climbing: all over everything, especially if it increases his chance of getting into something Yummy.
Running: all over, back and forth
Cyclocross: Yes he loves riding in the mud!
Everything a 4 year old should love.

Zander you are amazing! Stay strong, stay true to yourself, you will go far!

When asked what kind of party he wanted he quicly responded "Cars!!!" So birthday boy got his wish a Cars themed bday.

The cake:

Pin the 95 on Lightning McQueen




What a great birthday Zader had. Thanks to everyone for coming!!!