Monday, March 31, 2014


We had a wonderful time at my niece Lilyan's 5th birthday party! First off I can not believe she is 5! I was there the day she was born and it is still so fresh in my memory, where does the time go!!

The theme of the party was fairies. Who doesn't love fairies??? My boys love all creatures, even mythical ones, so they were SUPER excited when they all received their very own pair of fairy wings for the party. In fact they loved them so much they wont take them off. Best take home from party gift ever!!!! Here are a few pictures of them running around the yard with their new wings. They started as fairies, then butterflies, then dragonflies, then dragons. Love these boys!

They did eventually tire of the wings when they wanted to climb.

Who doesnt love fresh picked flowers?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Just a reminder

It came to my attention today that I may not have been clear with everyone on my intentions for this blog. Many of you know that I have set this to a private blog, this means that only the selective few invited members can read what I post. 

This blog highlights my life, my family's life and all of our ups and downs. I have chosen to share them with all of you as family and friends whom I deeply care for. This also means that I may share things on this blog that are near and dear to my heart, things that I probably would choose not to share with the general public or even some select people in my life who tend to judge my way of parenting. 

I expect you the readers of my private blog to respect that. To understand that things you read on here are not for your sharing pleasure. They are for my sharing with you and others whom I choose. I do not want my blog stories, especially the more serious ups and downs, to be shared without my knowledge.

With that said, if you feel there is a family member who is missing out on all the great stuff I write, please dont hesitate to have them send me an email at asking to be added to the blog. Also if you feel you would like to share an experience my family had with someone please don't hesitate to send me an email and ask. 

In case that was not clear enough for anyone, This is a private blog, the stories here are for invited readers only. If you want to share the story outside of my blog, you must contact me for permission first.

I have also made it so comments on my blog have to be approved by me before they get posted on the blog. So if you comment on something and it doesn't show up right away, don't worry it will after I approve it. :)

Thank you for your understanding

I love you all

Monday, March 24, 2014

More gardening

It was a busy weekend around here!
We are trying so hard to get the garden up and running, every nice day we have we are out there all day. It a lot of work, but so worth it. Cant wait to share pictures this summer when everything is growing and producing food to feed my family and share with friends. 

As much as the boys love to help in the garden I think they do sometimes get bored. 
We found them some tunnels at goodwill, kept them entertained for a while. First they were crawling through then pushing their trucks through, then climbing over, then rolling around the yard in them. Oh it was so entertaining. 

 This boy worked so hard then crashed out in the sun. 

Dumping the dirt into the raised beds. 

The littlest one enjoying the garden in his own way. 

Must have picnic lunch on days like this!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Visit to Aunt Maria's

 Went and visited Maria to attempt some Spring pictures of the boys in front of her cute little white picket fence. Sadly the sun was just as uncooperative and the children.

Getting closer to something!!

The best we got!

We also visited the park near Maria's house. The boys had such a great time!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

My biggest fear

Today my post is a bit more serious.
 I don't live in fear, I never have. I live in the moments I am in. I enjoy them with every bit of my soul and I choose to always look for positives if something negative comes my way.

There is one thing I can think of that I fear the most. In general it stays in the back of my mind not noticed. It only comes forward when I hear a story on the news of someone loosing their child. Accidents happen and I get that, but to loose your child, to have your child die, no parent should have to experience that. No parent should have to outlive their child.

Today something happened that brought me too close to my fear. 
Today I could have lost Syler.

It was just another day around here, the sun was breaking through the clouds and we headed out to play and work on the garden. Paul had picked up a load of dirt in the trailer for the garden beds yesterday and I figured the boys and I could get started on it. Zander, Drezden and Syler all climbed into the trailer and started filling my wheelbarrow. I took a few loads to the beds before Ryker decided he had enough of playing on the ground by himself. So I decided to work closer to him and prune up our blueberries now that I could see all the buds. They boys played in the dirt a while longer then hopped out and headed for some puddles in the driveway. A pretty typical spot for them to play, it is not very far from where I was working and I could hear and see them.

I continued pruning my blueberries, looking up at the kids here and there to see what they were doing. Mostly they were just puddle jumping and mud painting. Pretty normal for them. They started to quiet down and were playing with pine cones in the puddles, sitting next to the puddles and watching the pine cones float, roll and wander in the puddles. They would then roll them in the mud and return them to the puddles.

At one moment I looked up and saw that Drezden had wandered over towards our pond. Now for those who don't know our pond is pretty small. about 3ft by 4ft and just 1.5 or 2 feet deep. All of my kids are tall enough to stand up in it. It sits in our front yard next to the driveway and has this cute little bridge that goes over the top. We have had plans to turn it into a water feature but have yet to do so. It is a rule around here that we don't play in or around the pond. Of course being that the children are young I do have to remind them almost every time we go outside to not play in or around the pond. So when I saw Drezden leaning over the pond I naturally called to him "Drezden, we dont play by the pond, please come back to the puddles" It was his response that made my heart stop. "But mommy, Syler!" Those three words and I knew what he meant, a quick glance at the puddles confirmed my fear, Syler had fallen into the pond. All I could yell as I jumped off the ground was "can you help him!?" I was roughly 75 feet from the pond, maybe a little less. My heart was pounding, running towards the pond thoughts went through my mind, *I didnt hear a splash, I dont hear any splashing, I dont hear crying, am I too late* As I got close enough I could see Drezden was pulling on Syler's arm, at the same time I started hearing Syler gasp for air, chocking on water, 10 more steps, Drezden had Syler's head and arms out of the water, I grabbed him, pulled him out of the water, he was breathing, he was crying, he was coughing up water. I could feel my heart again, he was going to be okay.

He was so scared, he was so cold, he was so wet. I was just hugging him, holding him and trying to calm him down. We all headed inside, stripped Syler down and warmed him up with some towels, then into a warm bath, then a warm change of clothes. He was so tired, I held him while he fell asleep and I didn't want to put him down. I just stared at him, going over in my head what had just happened, what could of happened and how very great-full I am to have him still here. 

Then there is Drezden, how happy and blessed I am to have children who LOVE each other, children who play together, children who look out for each other. If it wasn't for Drezden I don't even know what would have happened today, would I have been just 10 steps too far away?

I told Drezden he did something Amazing. I told him he SAVED his brother, I told him that if it wasn't for him Syler might have drowned. He told me " I could tell he needed help mommy, I love him and I saved him!" My little hero today.

So what happened? How did Syler end up in the pond? We may never know but I did have this conversation with Drezden:
Me: "So Drezden, can you tell me what heppened? How Syler fell in the pond?"
D "hmmmmm,, ummmmmm"
Me: "Why don't you tell me why you guys were over by the pond, what where you doing?"
D "Playing with our pine cones"
Me: "okay, what were you doing with them?"
D "Washing them"
Me "I see, so what happened to Syler?"
D " He wanted his pine cone, it was in the pond"
Me " Was he reaching for it and he fell in?"
D " um, no he got in"
Me" He got into the pond? You mean he stepped into it to get his pine cone out?"
D " Yes"
Me "Then what happened? When did he need help?"
D " In the pond, he, he slipped getting his pine cone and his head went under the water."
Me" What did you do next"
D " You talked to me and I helped him"
Me "Was he in the pond for a long time or a short time before I talked to you and you helped him?"
D "A short time"
Me " I am so glad you helped and saved him Drezden, Mommy is so proud of you! I love you so much!"
D "I Saved Syler mommy!" *Said with a very big smile*

His story seems pretty real to me, it makes perfect sense really. I know the bottom of the pond is super slippery, we haven't cleaned it out this spring yet so it has old rotting leaves from the fall on the bottom. It doesn't help that Syler is also still a toddler and needs his arms to assist him in standing up even on flat ground. I can only imagine what he was feeling trying to stand up on a slippery surface with his head under water.

We later had a conversation all together about how its not safe to play by the pond and how if they want something that is in the pond they need to ask for help from mommy or daddy. Its a conversation we have had a million times over, but taking advantage of todays occurrence I am hoping it sits a little stronger on their minds.  Regardless we have decided to get rid of the pond. We may some day add it back into our landscaping when the kids are all older and at least know how to swim. Then again maybe not.

I want everyone to know that Syler is doing great! It was a very scary and real experience that I never want to go through again. It can happen to anyone, please, please take all precautions with any body of water that your kids can get to, even the smallest ones are cause for concern, no matter how many talks you have had with your kids to leave it alone. Unless it is out of their reach and blocked off, it can be deadly.

Hugging my babies a little bit closer tonight.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Signs of Spring

Its the little things around here that tell me Spring is on its way. 

The plants in bud and bloom

Drezden refusing any shirt unless its a tank top

The endless energy!!
The extra hours of sun make these kids go on and on and on....

Bare feet 

Syler loves pushing "eye-ker"

Captured rain drops

Another day of energy

As much as my children dont mind playing in the cold rainy winter we get here, they LOVE when spring arrives, nothing is better then warm days even if they are a little wet. Besides Spring leads to summer which leads to fall which leads to Winter. A good thing since Zander keeps asking me for snow....... I dont think we got enough this winter.