Tuesday, May 31, 2016


We have had a few projects on the list to complete before Paul leaves in June. Excited to be making lots of progress.

Shelf/toy storage unit for the living room

Play Structure, got some help from Grandma and Grandpa for this one!

Plus we have the best team of workers around!

We need swings... Lots of swings! 
This was WAY harder to get up then I thought it would be!

Super happy kids!

A weekend of hard work and we are completed!!! Kids love it! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May Camping!

May Catch up

Wagons!!! Love a good wagon ride!

Drezden lost his first tooth!!!

Went on a family camping trip to Lost Lake with the Stein side as a last little trip before Paul leaves for Basic training with the Army. It was a cold and wet weekend but we made the best of it.

Puddles are so much fun!

"canoeing" in the rain with grandpa and Grandma!

We had a great time even with the bad weather!! Plan to go back sometime when it is nicer!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Syler is 4!

Mid May update

I cannot believe this little boy is 4 years today!! Such an amazing little human. Wants to participate in everything everyone else is doing and always keeps his siblings in mind when making choices. He has strong emotions and reminds us all that whether Happy, sad or mad, we all need to feel a little deeper. 

Birthday morning balloons and the requested Doughnuts for breakfast! 

We let each child choose an "adventure" for their birthday. Syler wanted to explore a new park and ride his bike there. So we drove across town to Felida park, we had never been and it was GREAT!

Because you know, playing requires your bike helmet!

We brought lunch too, so we were not limited on our time!

The park has this awesome path all around the outside, perfect for cruising on bikes!

Gifts: A tree book, new pool toys and a parachute!

He really wanted ice cream sandwiches instead of cake, so thats what he got!

Happy birthday Syler Lennox! You keep shining bright!