Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 2016... The beginning of changes.

Update June 2016!

June... This is a month I have chalked away as one of the hardest in my life. I have been trying to prepare, trying to be sure this time will be easier on me, not harder. But here I am at the end of June, reflecting on it all and falling apart emotionally. I remind myself I am strong, I can do this. We are doing this TOGETHER, we made this choice. 7 months will go by fast....

For those unaware, Paul headed off to Army Boot camp in South Carolina, where we will have little to no contact. Relying on letters in the mail. After his 10 weeks there he will move to Arizona for his AIT in Intelligence Analysts. You are probably, wondering why he has to return to boot camp since he is a 12 year veteran in the military. Well long story short, 8 years in the Coast Guard, then 4 years in the Navy and he was never given the opportunity to advance his rank from his initial after BST ranking. By rules if you are the same rank for 10 years you cannot serve any more (who thought up that rule!) Anyway after some digging he discovered the Army does not follow that ranking rule, so off to sign up he went, only to discover his history as a sailor would mean he needed to return to BST for "soldier" training. So here we are..... 

Fathers day photos early, because he wouldn't be home for fathers day. The last photos I took of him and the kids. These have so much importance in our life right now. 

So many emotions when I look at them... I miss this man so much already! We have had only a few short letters so far, we make our daily walk to the mail box to mail him our letters, and await anything from him. He is very busy and does not get much down time so letters are few and far between. They mean the world to us when we do get them! 

We had a small gathering with my friends before he left, a "we will be here for your wife" kind of support group. These women are my rock while he is away and I am so thankful for them all! A few images dear Esther captured for me that I am so thankful for! 


A few BST photos I found on the website of him in training. 

The kids made up a countdown chain for counting until he gets home... its so long. wraps around the whole living room. Gives us daily activity to remind us of his time, but sure makes it real with how long we are waiting!

We got some caterpillars and were able to watch the transition to butterflies! The kids loved it!

Check out the release video:

We celebrated Summer Solstice with some of closest friends, enjoyed food, sun, games and making flower crowns!

Look at all these amazing children!

My wonderful friend Jenn is fixing up an old farm house and invited us all up for a camping trip. While I wasn't feeling up for camping without Paul, we did go hang out for the day!

Kids getting a trucked ride down to the creek!

Creek time fun!

My garden kids, June we are harvesting Sugar snap peas, lettuce, radishes and strawberries!

Drezden keeps growing out his hair so we tried some dreads!

I keep myself busy of course crafting lots, had Maria (SIL) up to do some scrap booking and also got to see Kevin, Liana and my niece Liesielle. So all in all the month was full and good! Highlights included some wonderful letters in the mail, great support from family and friend, my 5 little blessings and finding full coffee punch cards in the car that Paul left me.