Friday, April 25, 2014

Parks and water

Wednesday we went to the park with Cousin Evan

Drezden and Syler enjoyed the tire swing

Evan and Ryker enjoyed their food. 

Drezden became captain

Thursday was beautiful and warm, so we had a little water play.

And just because..... the mommy :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Fun

We had a great Easter week. 
We decorated some paper eggs when Savannah was here on Thursday

 Then decorated some real eggs on Saturday at Aunt Maria's

Our completed eggs (minus one)

We followed that with a cousin Easter Egg hunt

Waiting for the signal:

Then on Sunday we found our baskets the Easter bunny left.  They were flower pots and the bunny also left us paints and flowers and a whole bag of dirt to plant them with! Sadly mommy didnt get a very good picture of that! Then there was a surprise Easter basket sitting out the front door with bubbles and eggs with our names on them!

Ryker got a baby doll

Drezden wanting his picture taken

Ryker testing out our new sidewalk chalk

The big boys got some rainbow fairy stones!

 Then it was off to Great aunt Marge and Cathy's for another Easter celebration!
We got another Easter egg hunt, it was great! Blue eggs for Syler, green eggs for Zander and purple eggs for Drezden! It was so cute watching them find the eggs and tell each other if they saw an egg of the other colors.

It was a great week.