Monday, August 31, 2015

Around the house for the rest of August

August always seems so busy, canning food, watering garden, keeping up with busy kids... .So  here is a post to cover the rest of August.

I am big about life skills with kids. There is so much more then just learning your ABC's. Here Zander and Drezden are being SUPER helpful with canning pickles. They just kept cutting and cutting while I canned away. It was such a huge help to the process.

Keeping herself occupied.

Bike ride!!

This is how Katara and I go... Walking, no bike for her yet!

Ryker tries really hard to keep up.... You see those really tiny red specs at the end of the sidewalk, that is where his brothers are. Poor thing.

Some Music time, Katara LOVES the drum.

Tye Dye Cutie!

Monday, August 17, 2015


Paul needed to borrow his dads canoes for some training at the Navy station, it was only obvious that we needed to take them out on the lake before hand upon delivery. 

Ben, Clare, John, Lilyan and Roen all joined us. It was great fun!

Paul and John with Syler and Ryker

Ben, Clare, Roen, Lilyan and Zander

Drezden wanted to swim instead!

Katara was playing on her blanket

Way out there!

He had a blast just playing in the lake.

Zander at the front of his canoe. He had a great time~

What fun we all had. We look forward to our next trip on the water!