Friday, February 8, 2013

Window Markers

I am always looking for easy, fun, time consuming activities for the boys. My biggest challenge is they want to do things together but Zander is more advanced at certain skills the Drezden so it usually has to be something that the skill level doesnt matter or that I can sit down and help Drezden with the harder parts. 

So when I discovered these:

I was super excited!! I was a little unsure at first if they actually did what they were claiming, I mean window markers that crystallize, sounds kind of crazy. However they totally amazed me!! The boys LOVED it! They were allowed to draw all over the back sliding glass door and once they discovered what happened to their drawings after a minute they just couldnt stop. Of course it came to a point were I was doing all the drawing and they were just gawking in amazement at the changing pictures. Here are a few of the pictures after they crystallized.

This is a rainbow, hard to see with so much going on outside the window. The boys loved this one. They told me what colors to put where and I had to add clouds too, and you cannot see them but there are a few birds flying around as well.

Pretty cool huh? Now I must say these are a little picky, they did much better where the sun was hitting the door. There were a few that after a few minutes had not crystallized so I pulled out the hair dryer and blew that on them, which turned them almost instantly. They dont do well in high humidity, which we discovered the next day when I was boiling some water in the kitchen and the pictures started melting. They do however clean up super easy, just water wipes them away, or if its humid and they are melting, just a rag works. :) I even think a whiteboard eraser would work great as well.

If you need a little something to keep the kid busy and entertained for a few minutes, this one is great. I will continue to buy these once this set dies. Totally worth it, and what fun it will be when they are older and draw their own pictures! 

This was their level of happiness when we were done 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baby #4!!!!

Ok so this is LONG overdue, but we have been so busy I just havent sat down to write this out. We are expecting baby #4!!!! We are due August 7th and am sooooo very excited. The last we checked up on baby its little heart was beating away at 163 beats per minute! 

I already look pregnant, my body is just taking right to the pregnancy like normal. No morning sickness, no other problems, just a little tired. But really I blame the tired on the 3 others. :) The boys are excited for another baby sibling, but keep going back and forth if they think it is a sister or another brother. :) 

I hit 14 weeks tomorrow, already in the 2nd trimester, this pregnancy will be flying by and this little love will be here in no time at all. 

Yesterday I had a great consultation with a home birth midwife, who I absolutely love and am so excited to be getting to have a home birth this time. We plan on doing a water birth as well and I cannot wait for the experience it will be. 

I will continue to keep everyone posted.