Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 2016 Part 2 A special announcement!

More updates from July 2016

The month continues on and life is full of sweet little moments!

These boys sure love their sister!!

Garden carrots!

Sleepy lunch time

Went Apple picking at a friends house. Aunt Naomi came to help!

I wanted to send Paul some new pictures of the kids so took these. I ordered each of them a necklace to help them cope with this time that he is away. 

In traditional military style, dog tags. Each one reads 
Stein, Joseph
My daddy
My hero

They loved them! and the pictures came out great, especially these of Katara, who has a special announcement to share! 

Yes you read that right, February 2017 she will be promoted to BIG SISTER!!
We are overjoyed! I couldn't wait to share, but had to hear from Paul first to be sure he had received the wonderful news! With his absence being 7 months we only had one chance for this little bean to take root and we are so happy it took! 

I took the kids to a local event called "fire in the park" its a free event for all ages, firetrucks, ambulances, lots of fun games and activities!

There was a station for making these cool little tool boxes, but it was busy so we brought them home to put together in our own time!

Plum pickers (dogs brought down a branch) 

More lunch time napping!

And a video of some underwear dancers!!

Friday, July 15, 2016

July 2016 part 1

July 2016 update

Zander was referred to an Orthodontist from our dentist to address that his upper jaw was not growing at the same rate as his lower jaw which was causing some crowding of his adult teeth. So Orthodontist installed an expander on his upper jaw. Over the next year we will be turning the unit, pushing his jaw out and open. It should solve the problem and make room for all his teeth!

He did great and is excited for the changes it will bring to his mouth!

Zoo trip with the cousins!

It was the first time we got to see the new elephant lands... SO AMAZING... some happy elephants!

My 4th of July cuties!

Make no mistake this girly loves her some tractors and trucks!

My good friends Lucia and Chris came over for a visit and brough their son Issac. Such doll he is.. Gorgeous! He and Katara are pretty fond of each other!

Its been month without Paul. Its been challenging and emotional. But it will be all worth it in the end and the letters are coming on a regular basis now and bring us so much joy and we look forward to them every week!

More to come!