Friday, September 30, 2016

Park play

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We met this beauty in the garden!

Now I am not fond of spiders, especially big spiders. But this sweet girl is a wonderful addition to any garden and the kids are so intrigued by her. Beautiful web, beautiful spider. She is a welcome addition to the garden for sure!

And guess what, my favorite season is here!!!!
Welcome Autumn!!

A walk to the park on a sweet autumn day is just what we needed!

And because life has just been full and busy and these little humans are my everything and time with them doesnt always mean photographs.... I am FINALLY getting Sylers 4 year old photos done.... 

Photos always lead to a photo of everyone, because what fun is it to just give one the attention?!

Katara often looks like this right after a nice filling lunch! 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Zander is 7!!!

September 2016 Update

Zander is 7! Its hard to believe my first baby is already 7. You know these years go by, full of joy and new experiences, but that day of his birth will always be fresh on my mind. Such a wonderful moment in time!

Zander is passionate, loving, detailed and curious. He LOVES building things and almost more so loves taking things apart. He is pretty consistent in INSISTING that he just wants to figure things out! He is an amazing older brother, happy to help, sometimes helping more then his siblings want. I often here him say "But, I am just trying to help!"

On birthdays we let them pick out one gift and one trip somewhere, plus a cake of their choice. Zander chose lego's of course! 

and an ice cream cake!

We did not take a trip anywhere however. He wants to visit the beach once daddy is home. 

Home made Tortilla's!! If you haven't made tortillas from scratch, its a must. They are super easy, and really not too time consuming, even with lots of little hands wanting to help. They love to roll out the balls of dough as flat as they can get!

They are experts and this is one of the many meals they LOVE to share because they enjoy preparing it so much! We have used these for quesadilla's, burritos, tacos and enchiladas!

I also forgot to mention, we now get to talk to Paul daily!! WAHOO!! makes the time away from him so much easier! Planning a little long weekend visit from him in October and we cannot wait! 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Puddles and rock painting!

Update from September 2016 

Fall puddles are some of the best for puddle jumping!

....and puddle swimming!

Then we also get beautiful days like this, making it a great day to paint some rocks!

Enjoying this late summer/ Early fall but missing Paul terribly!