Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sleep is over rated.....

So to say I have had lack of sleep this week would be an understatement. Syler just WONT sleep. At first I thought it was because we were sick, then teething, now I dont know what to think. He sleeps from about 8 pm to 10 pm, then wakes up for no reason. Sometimes he goes back to sleep by midnight other times, like now he doesn't. (its almost 2:45 am). When he does go back to sleep its only for 15min- 1 hour and he is up again. Usually he is cranky, obviously tired, and I have to walk and keep walking if I want him to sleep. If I stop to sit he wakes again. This cycle goes all night and no he doesnt make up for it during the day. Just 2 regular 45 min - 1 hour naps. 

This is right now:

Yes he is adorable but really this mama needs some sleep.
So Syler, PLEASE can we sleep now???

Monday, January 21, 2013

Housefull of Sickies!

I really choose to live life on the positive side of things as much as I possibly can. Life is too short to dwell on negativity and not enjoy each and every moment for the bright side it has.

This last week has been a huge test to that. Tuesday Zander came down with a fever, 104.5, Drezden came down with a fever as well that evening, 102.5. Syler and I were free of a fever and Paul was still in Bremerton for his 2 weeks of drill with the Navy, so he was fine as well. I prepped myself for the flu, thinking that is what they were coming down with. Wednesday, fevers still existed, came and went during the day, hit hard at night. Then there was a cough and snotty noses. Thursday, both still sick, I was starting to feel it coming on for myself. Friday we are all sick, even Syler, Paul thankfully was coming home. Saturday, still sick, Sunday, still sick. Today, Monday Possibly starting to be on the mend as the boys actually played a little today. But today was definitely Syler's worst day.

It has been one tough week to say the least. Toddlers are very whiny when they are sick, they want to be held and carried everywhere, they dont want to touch each other, they dont want that blanket, they want the other one, etc..... 3 sick all 3 and under is tough on a sick mommy. Clare was sweet enough to come up one day and help with the house hold chores that have just slipped by all week with us all being sick. Then Liz came on another day to help, and that was so wonderful. I thank them for being brave and exposing themselves to our sickness just to lend a helping hand and make me feel like I didnt totally leave the house to itself for a week. 

What positives did I enjoy this week though? Snuggles, LOTS AND LOTS of snuggles. Sick babies just want to cuddle and watch movies. I am ok with that. Hugs, Kisses (hey I was already sick anyway, not going to resist there sweet little smooches) TIME, yes just the amount of TIME I spent with them just being there for them, they needed me and I was there. Perfect Positivity to our sickly week. Then there is Drezden, the sweetest little brother Zander could ever ask for. I got a real taste of how much that little boy really cares this week. If for some reason Zander needed something and I was feeding or helping Syler and couldnt get to him right away, Drezden sick as sick can be, would hop off the couch and go fetch whatever it was that Zander wanted, over and over and over again. It totally melted my heart. Such a sweet boy, he just loves helping take care of people. 

My message to you today with this post is this: Even though sick kids are needy, whiny, cranky and pretty pathetic all around, remember they NEED you just to be there, to love them, to snuggle them without frustration or irritation. The chores can wait, your babies need you.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Surprise birthday for Liz

Pauls sisters put together a surprise birthday party for Liz's 60th birthday. They took her on a scavenger hunt around town, ending at 3rd street pizza, where a bunch of us were waiting. It was lots of fun, and the biggest surprise was Kevin flew in early, unknown to Liz, so that he could be at her party. Pretty sweet!! Anyway, since everyone was in town we snapped a few family photos. Nothing too fancy, and as you can see a group this big can be hard to get all smiles. :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Cabin Trip

This year Paul's side of the family wanted to do a "New years" trip. We had all voted and decided on a Cabin on Mt. Hood last year. We were looking forward to this trip all winter, especially with our lack of anything white and fluffy on the ground. 

We were there for a long weekend, filled with playing in the snow, sledding and family fun. There was no staying up till midnight on new years eve though. After getting the boys to bed we were pretty exhausted ourselves, tried to stay up a while but that didnt work out so well. 

We had a great time and want to do it again. We love the snow!