Thursday, March 31, 2016

March part Three

March part three....

This sweater was Zanders, made by his great Grandma Wagner... we have cherished it through the years, and it looks just darling on Katara! 

These boys love on her as often as they can!

We got to take care of little miss Thea today.. Oh boy is she loved... These kids they know how to care for the precious ones in our lives!

And because I love her so much, had to get my picture with her too... Such sweetness!

Miss cute

Syler helping with dinner

Katara kept waking herself up in her crib by rolling into the sides, I wasn't ready to give her a twin bed, but we found this AWESOME "grow with me" bed that is the same width as a twin but has 3 length settings, the longest being a twin, so eventually she will get there, but for now we have it on the shortest setting. We cut a piece of thick foam to fit the size and she LOVES her new bed...

Credit for her BEAUTIFUL quilt that I am so in love with, goes to my Aunt Diane! A piece we will treasure forever!

And that concludes March!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

March part two

March part two in photos!

So much outdoor fun~


The rock pit! A popular place for the truckers!

Saint Patricks Day
Always love to celebrate a little green. Her are the kiddos all dressed for the day!

Even had her rainbow sweatshirt for the day!

Already determined to climb to the top of the play structure like everyone else.

A picnic lunch on a spring day!

Always good times around here when the rain comes. I "think" this was Katara's first puddle jumping experience since learning to walk.....

Love having a yard for them to explore and play every day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March Part 1

Just playing catch up as my life is so full these days. Here is March part one in photos. ENJOY!

I think one of the best purchases we ever made and continued to make for a while, were the wooden trains and track. So many hours of play have gone into these pieces. Many have broken, many are scuffed all are filled with loving play! here are a few recent creations.... (We ditched the "train table" way in the beginning, it was too limiting!)

I just love this outfit on her! And she loves this shape sorter!

She also loves books... I am so fond of fairies (and so are the boys) she has been given lots of fairy books. :)

A sweet knitted dress passed down from a  friend, and a pair of wool pants I made out of a sweater. 

A little look at the "table time" part of homeschooling. We do so much hands on, away from the table, not in books learning that I find we have very few photos of what people would consider "school". So here are a few from our study on the state of Washington combined with our learning of reading maps!!

What the others were doing while I worked with the older ones.

 I so enjoy these times!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Katara is ONE!

This year has gone by faster then I could have ever imagined it would. I feel like just yesterday our home was full of the most loving energy I could have asked for as we brought our sweet baby girl into this world. Now a year later, I look at the little person she is becoming and feel so amazed and thankful that she is mine. 

She is an amazing little being. Loves everyone, especially other children and babies are her favorite. She often covers them in hugs and kisses before they have a chance to refuse.... Working on her ask before kissing skills.... She is thoughtful of feelings and already gives hugs when she sees someone is upset. Her cuddles are like none other and her spirit lights up a room with peace and love. 

She is a daddy's girl, LOVES him so much. Always the first one to run to the door to greet him when he gets home. To watch the love she has for Paul is one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. 

She walks, is starting to talk, wants to climb EVERYTHING and explores as much of her world as she can. She is growing too fast in my eyes, but I know thats the way it goes.

I love you sweet girl, keep caring for those around you, love is powerful!

We had a small gathering for her birthday. What a fun time! 

I think she approved of her cupcakes!

The dress I made her for her birthday. So much fun, really made me realize how much I LOVE making kids clothes. Hopefully lots more in the near future!

They grow so much in a year!