Friday, May 31, 2013

Syler goes Dairy free

This happy little boy has a side that is not so happy.

No one likes seeing their baby in pain, crying, arching backs, not sleeping, nothing helps kind of pain. Syler has always had sleep issues I always chalked it up to growth spurts or teething or him just being a bit gassy. Well in the last couple weeks there have been some MISERABLE nights. As in he fights going to sleep, then once asleep he wakes up screaming arching his back, pulling up his legs, tossing turning. Nothing soothes him. Pain meds, gas meds, teething meds, mama love, walking, rocking, snuggles, singing, laying down, sitting up. Nothing. It makes a mommy sad to see her baby struggling with something and not know what it is. I could tell something inside him was bothering him, something was making him uncomfortable and not my happy baby. Nap time hasnt been much better either. He has been needy to say the least, more then he should be even if he was a needy child. Definately more then a 1 year old should be, especially when he really wants to go play with his brothers. Dont get me wrong he plays and laughs he is happy, but then it hits, the screams the pain, the I'm tired but cant sleep. 

Feeling lost with nothing to go off of I started asking around in my wonderful mommy groups online, everyone kept asking about dairy allergy. At first I thought, impossible that cannot be it, he has been eating dairy products since we first started introducing food, and he never had a problem then, or did he? With no family history of food allergies, I ignored this thought coming from my friends, just didnt think it was possible. Then I decided I would research milk allergies in children just to see what the symptoms were. This is what I found: 

Signs and Symptoms
  1. Abdominal pain
  2. Vomiting
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Skin rash
  5. Recurrent stuffy or runny nose, sinusitis, cough or wheezing
  6. Failure to thrive (poor weight gain and growth)
  7. Fussiness or irritability

Syler has had/does have 5 of the 7 signs/symptoms, 1,3,4,5 and 7. I wanted to just scream at myself. Why had I not thought of this being a possibility sooner? Could I have prevented months of pain and uncomfortable nights for Syler? One of the worst feelings I have ever had as a mother, is finding out something could have been helped sooner if I would have just opened my eyes a little more.

Moving on, here we are, after talking with friends who have experience with children with milk allergy and talking to the nurse at the pediatricians office we are running a 2 week trial of Syler being 100% dairy free. By the 2 week mark we should notice a HUGE difference in all of the above symptoms. Within 48 hours we should notice at least a small change, things getting better. 

So what did I do this evening, I went shopping, list in hand of all the ingredients in things that are milk related even if they dont say milk. Did you know that things are marked as "dairy-free" but still list a milk protein in the ingredients? I learned so much today trying to figure out what I needed to buy for him to be 100% dairy free. Dairy free bread, soy milk, crackers with no dairy ingredients, dairy free yogurt, dairy free cheese (almost impossible) the amount of food that has some sort of dairy/milk product in it is pretty crazy!  Luckily we live in a day in age where people are demanding more options for healthier living so we can find almost everything right at our local Fred Meyer. 

The other thing I learned while shopping for Syler tonight was how so many things families choose to eat on a regular daily basis have some terrible ingredients in them. I always thought we did pretty good, ate pretty healthy, but after tonight there are so many more ingredients I will be looking at and avoiding for the whole family. 

So how did bed time go tonight after Syler was dairy free all day? Pretty good, he didnt fight it and he is currently still sleeping. Hoping for a smooth 2 weeks and that this is the answer to his problems. I will keep you all posted!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring Mud Puddles

What is the best thing about late Spring? Besides all the amazing flowers, little bunnies being born and warmer weather, there are quick, warm downpours of rain that create the BEST puddles ever. 

Puddle splashing is pretty regular around here, the boys really do love it. This particular day it was so warm and the water was warm and well Drezden decided he really wanted to take a shower in the puddles.

Syler thought it was a wonderful idea!!

Oh how I love my boys! Zander chose not to participate in the puddle bath/shower, he takes after his dad just a little bit and said it was too messy. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Visit to Lewisville Park

There are lots of parks around us, but we have yet to visit them all yet. So off on a drive the other day we made our way past Lewisville park and decided to stop in and check it out. Its a great park with tons of walking trails, the river and lots of picnic areas. Swing sets and slides. We had a great walk around the park. Almost like a hike. We will be going back regularly.


Family self portrait! (Syler is there, we just couldnt get him in)

At the River!

Throwing rocks in the river!

It was peaceful and we all had a great time!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Portland Aquarium

We took the boys to the Portland Aquarium and met up with some of my cousins for a morning of fish watching! We were pretty impressed with this small aquarium and all had a blast. We even got to pet sting rays!!! It was awesome! 

Starfish and EEL!!!

Even Syler loved it!

Sting rays and Sharks in the big petting tank! Pretty darn cool!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dozer Day!!

There is this pretty awesome event here in Vancouver, held every year called Dozer Days. Its a fundraiser put on by The Nutter Foundation and benefits many local children's charities. 

So what is it you ask? Its a mini fair full of earth movers and fun activities for kids. Did I mention that the kids get to DRIVE these awesome pieces of equipment??? Zander LOVED it, Drezden liked to watch but not participate. 

Waiting our turn in line to DRIVE!!

The line up

Zander gets his turn driving the bulldozer

Fun Tube slides

Moving a really TALL cherry picker

Snow cone break!!!

They got to get into a fire truck. Pretty awesome!

Yes Syler was there too

Zander driving a backhoe

Yep they were some pretty happy boys that day. There were tons of tents and activities for them to do as well, I just didnt get pictures of everything. 

We will be going again next year for sure.