Thursday, August 24, 2017

Its Time, the last night....

Tonight is our last night in Oregon.. As we pack the last few things and get the trailers secured and ready to go, I look at how we got here. So many supportive people around us, all whom we will greatly miss. Everyone has encouraged us to follow our dreams and that is exactly what we are doing. I cannot wait for our journey to begin and to see what life has in store for us on our new adventure. 

Love to all of you we are leaving, we will keep in touch, and watch your mailboxes! Follow the blog, I will update as much as my full life allows. Our home will be open to visitors always, so plan your Alaska vacations, we would love to have you and will have the camper available for a nice place to sleep!! (sleeps 7 comfortably!)

Thats all for tonight, tomorrow we take off and head for Hope, Canada!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

August good byes

Moving away, far away from basically everyone you know and hold dear means lots and lots of good-byes. We have spent a good amount of this month seeing many friends, spending extra time with family and really just soaking in all the time we can get with those we love. We know there will be lots of visits in our future and look forward to where life is taking us. Here are a few photos of these great moments we have spent saying our goodbyes. 

Gathering with some of our Vancouver friends

Katara loves giving hugs!

Kids and a mud puddle....

Some kiddos got into a mud throwing party,.... I was thankful mine chose to sit it out. 

Some of my closest friends!

It never feels like it it was enough time, I love all these kids and women so very much. 
It was a busy day in Vancouver that day, so I was happy to see the group!

Scott, Justine, Amelia and Natalie came up from Eagle Point for a short weekend. I am so happy they did, LOVED getting to see them. 

Drezden is such a climber!

The Big "kids" playing some hoops!

Park fun!

One pretty great group of kids! 

Going to miss our time together!

Some causing time with the Bixlers and Evangelista's!

Cousin time with the Darts, a couple Bernts and Grandma Wagner!

So many beautiful people in our life. Thankful they are so supportive of where life is taking us!