Saturday, August 12, 2017

Organic Valley Dairy farm tour

A few weeks ago I saw that Organic Valley going to be celebrating opening their new creamery in McMinnville by doing a free farm tour, with a free lunch at the creamery. I knew my kids would love going to see the farm, so I reserved us a spot. 

Today was the day of the tour and the kids LOVED it.. Had my mom come along because Paul had plans with some buddies to go hiking. 

First time on a school bus for all of them except Zander.

in front of me

I got to share a seat with Ryker and Katara and Grandma sat in a seat across from me. 

Attempting to "milk" the cow.

its really hard!!

Dairy cows!!

After just watching and observing for about 5 min, a couple of the ladies just came on over and started talking to the kids. It was sooooo great. 

We planted "pasture" to take home. 

These ladies had special red bands around their ankles to show that they are due to give birth soon and are not to be milked. I don't remember how long the farmer said they keep them out from the milking barn once pregnant, but I want to say it was between 60-70 days. And if you were wondering, a cows gestations is 9 months.

Testing the milking machine on our fingers. You could feel the pulse it uses on the cows. So cool 

 I just love this. Pretty great company!

We got to see some recent calfs too! 

Lunch at the creamery! Hot dogs, salad, watermelon, beans and of course CHOCOLATE MILK!

Kids just hanging out! 

Some Drezden Photography! 

"mommy, I was trying to take a picture of my self, but its not working." 

Here let me help.

What a great time we had!! Free activities are always nice. We even got to take home a pound of butter! 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ryker is 4!!!!!

Its always hard to believe when another year goes by. I love watching my kids grow and being  a part of their every day. Today Ryker turns 4 years old! He has grown so much in the last year but I think his biggest improvement has been in his speech. He is quickly learning the correct sounds for many letters that he was struggling with!! Its nice to be understanding him!! 

Ryker is sweet, loving and oh so caring.  He is a bit of a mamas boy, requesting a great share of the mommy hugs and snuggles throughout the day. He also shares a good deal of hugs to all his siblings and is always asking them "I'm your best buddy, right?" or just telling them "You are my best buddy" This boy has such a big heart and it shows. 

To celebrate we had traditional Birthday breakfast doughnuts with Chocolate milk. We spent the morning playing at the "airplane" park, which is located at the Evergreen aviation museum. Its pretty cool! Then after dinner we celebrated with a Tie dye cake!! Ryker had a pretty awesome day!!

Helicopter structure!

Bi-plane structure

Spaceship structure

Katara the pilot!!

Birthday boy going for an extra doughnut!

Mama and the baby

3 of us

One of Rykers gifts! 

The Cake! Tie dye for this boy who LOVES tie dye. 

Loving this 4 year old!!