Monday, August 7, 2017

The waiting game and house preview

Well the last week has been fun and busy and a little crazy. It has been WAY too hot, which we all dislike... (LOVING the thought of my 68 degrees in AK).  But we have the pool up for the kids, and popsicles for all!

Paul and my dad flew to Alaska to take a look at our new place and do an inspection. So excited for this perfect house that we can make our home. Here are a few photos. None of the inside, sorry. The home is located in Sutton, AK(I will add an address once we are there) and sits on about 6.5 acres. It is 2 stories plus a daylight basement, about 3000 sq feet total.The basement is currently unfinished and makes up about 1000ft of the sq footage. There are 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a loft upstairs. 1 bedroom, kitchen, dining, living room and bathroom on the main level. Then Family room, laundry, cold storage/pantry and half bath in the basement.

Eska creek( runs through our yard!) Paul says it is currently about 1-1.5 feet deep and 6 feet wide. Probably the lowest time of the year. He even saw some fish swimming in it!:

View of the back of the house and back deck.

A little shed on the property... 


Front of house

Front yard, closest to the street

Side of house by shed

Looking from side towards back.

Looking East

Back/side of house

View to the North from the yard/ deck

More yard to the East

Yard to the North West corner

We are just waiting on finalizing closing papers, then this baby is ours!! 

As soon as Paul got back, these where the antics happening in the motor home!

Its hot.... Kids are hot and smelly and dirty, because well we are staying on a farm.... So It was bath time, and what better way to give 5 kids a bath then in the pool!!! 

Jaspen lucked out, the water was just a little cold for him to get a bath too. 

He is kind of obsessive over his feet lately!

 We spent some time down at the local park, where they have the splash pad. Cousins Lilyan and Roen met us there for some fun! And yes, my kids are in clothes... They keep telling me they wont play in the water... then they do.

All in all this week has been busy and fun! Enjoying our last couple weeks here and awaiting the arrival of our camper trailer!

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  1. I bet when they kids pile on him, Paul is thanking God that his kids are small. hehehe Loved that video.