Sunday, July 30, 2017

The end and the in between..

A few photos from prepping  to move last week 

Kids washing up toys for the yard sale.

Sleeping arrangements on the floor of our room after we took down all the beds.

Room of totes, each child gets one tote for the camper. This has their clothes, toys and books that they want for the time at my moms and the road trip.

Our "camper" closet; all the things we want in the camper, so we don't accidentally box them up.

Paul and the kids taking down the dog kennels. Taking them with to my moms.

Our last family photo at our home. Closing a chapter of our lives and moving on to the next one! 

Our temporary space at Dream Land farm (aka my mom and dads farm, aka the house I grew up in)

The field the dogs will spend their days in, their kennels are under a nice shade tree near where our camper will be. 

They have this nice "communal dog house" aka old horse shed. Provides with a nice shady place to sleep and keep their drinking waster nice and cold. 

Kids spending some time next to the dog field in their pool. Its been really hot this week!

Jaspen's favorite spot to sleep under the big walnut tree. I was trying to get a picture of him sleeping, but this kid can just sense my presence, and woke right up.

The walnut tree (one of 4 OLD and HUGE walnut trees) 

Our temporary living space. My moms motor home, waiting for our trailer to be finished, my brother is installing some solar panels on it so we don't have to worry about plugging in to have power on our drive up! 

The inside; a chair bed, a table bed, small kitchen, bathroom and a queen bed in the back...

Our camper is smaller but has a better bed layout for us, a triple bunk, table bed, couch bed and queen bed. Look forward to getting it and moving into it next week!

Paul and I took Katara and Jaspen up to finish cleaning up the house they day we were signing our closing papers. My sister came to help (THANK YOU) and a couple friends stopped by to help as well. It was so nice to have the extra hands, even if they just held Jaspen at times. We managed to finally be done cleaning up the last bit of stuff and giving the house a good scrub down by about 5:30. Paul and I took this very last picture of us at this home. What a bitter sweet moment. This place served us well for almost 6 years and has many many fond memories for us!  We look forward to the future and all our new home will bring to us.

The horse trailer we are taking with all our stuff! Paul and my dad are fixing it up as it has been sitting for a while! 

The workspace

The moving truck we loaded with Ben got unloaded into the horse trailer today. 

Its a standard 4 horse trailer. 

I didn't get a final picture, but will tomorrow. Here is with MOST of the boxes loaded, then we added the play kitchen and a few bags and some miscellaneous totes. We have plenty of space left for the dog box (holds 2 dogs) and 2 X-Large dog crates that can hold up to 2 dogs each. Its all coming together beautifully!

Its been a long hot week, We are finally getting everything settled in, but will feel more settle once we are in our camper trailer!

Things I have been thinking so far about being at my parents: 
1. The stars our here are amazing, I almost forgot how many stars you can see when you are really in the country. My dad however reminds me how many more I will be able to see in Alaska. 
2. Kids need to be raised with some land to explore, to include wild growing blackberries that they wake up every morning and run out to pick. 
3. Sharing meal duty is SO nice. Its amazing to have my parents around, providing some of the meals and helping as much as they can with the kids. Making this transition time a little easier for us all. 
4. Living out of a camper is very different then camping out of one. 
5. Cloth diapers are not going to work on the road, no matter how much I want them too 

Thats all I have for now, this coming week looks a little like this;  Paul is helping out at his old job on Tuesday. He and my dad fly to Alaska on Wednesday to take a look at the house we put an offer on in person, They will be back Friday. We get our camper some time this week, and I need to plan my visits to Vancouver to give proper good-byes to my friends. 

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